Maine Imaging uses a dual axis gyro stabilizer for smooth aerial video.  We currently have hundreds of stock aerial video clips of New England.

Custom Aerial Video for your project.   

We have done work for clients all over New England.  You let us know what you want done, and we'll discuss the best way to achieve your goal.  Our video platforms are helicopters, usually a Robinson R-22 or R-44.  These allow us to get low, go slow, and go about anywhere.  The camera is mounted to a two axis gyro stabilizer for smooth video.  We can deliver raw clips, or finished clips including color correction and additional digital stabilization.  Or, we can take your project from start to finish, by combining aerial video with ground video, music, interviews, and motion graphics, to produce a finished video.

While we may add a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or Drone) to our list of aerial tools in the future, they do not provide the same smooth video as a DSLR mounted on a gyro stabilizer.  Most UAV's run on batteries, and these batteries often have a life span of 10-15 minutes before they have to be recharged.  One local New England UAV company is charging $1,000 for a 10 minute aerial video flight, because that's how long the drones batteries last.   Our aerial video flights start at $750, and that's for an entire hour of flight time!  And let's not forget that using a camera equipped drone for profit is illegal until 2015.

So choose wisely for your aerial video needs.  And if you have questions, or want to discuss how Maine Imaging can help in your next project, give us a call!


PRIMARY CAMERA-  Canon 5DMIII, with 24-105 L series lens.  Records 1080P High Resolution Video, excellent low light capture ability.

2ND CAMERA- Canon 5DMII, with 100-400 L series lens.  21MP image file, the "Big Gun" camera.

STABILIZER- Kenyon Labs, Dual Axis, Gyro Stabilizer, with 2 KS-6 gyros. Mounts to camera for incredible stabilization for day, or night, video capture.  

This is a 4 minute aerial video of the Bull Hill Wind Project in Maine that we shot and produced for Reed and Reed Construction, the builders of the project. This is a complete video, including music and graphics, put together by Maine Imaging.

This piece was designed for the customer to describe the process of a Tanker "evolution", which is the process of the tugboats meeting the Tanker out at sea and bringing it safely to the oil terminal in South Portland, Maine. For this piece, we shot from helicopters, the decks of tugboats, and the shore, using Canon 5DMarkIII's and GoPro3 cameras.