Stock Aerial Photography and Video

As of July of 2013, we currently have over 7200 stock aerial images of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut available for prints and commercial downloads.  The prints are available in just about any size you might want, including prints on high gloss aluminum.  Digital downloads are available in four sizes: small internet, large internet (1MP), small print (4MP), and original (anywhere from 5MP to 25+MP).  If you are looking for multiple images, please contact us directly for pricing. Licensing of these image files is to the person or company purchasing the image file.  The image file may not be given away, sold, or used without the expressed permission of Maine Imaging, as Maine Imaging retains the copyright on all of our images.  Please be sure to read the "licensing" section, on our galleries page.

We have stock aerial images of towns, harbors, lighthouses, and a few other "fun" categories.  For example, we have aerials of farmers haying, lobster boats fishing, horses, cows, people on the beach, all kinds of boats working the New England waters, and even close ups of the snow covered Mount Washington observatory!

We are also working on our stock video collection.  We currently have stock, gyro stabilized, aerial,  video of Portland, ME, Casco Bay, and the Southern Maine coastline.  Please contact us if you need gyro-stabilized aerial video for a specific project.