Hundreds of stock aerial and ground video clips.

   Maine Imaging currently has several hundred stock aerial video clips available, including lighthouses, beaches, landmarks, and coverage of Boston and Portland, Maine, both during the day and at night.  These video clips are shot on a dual axis, Kenyon Labs stabilizer at 1080i, and outputted at H.264 Max resolution, but are "raw" otherwise.  They have not had any additional stabilization, such as Adobe Premier Pro's "warp stabilizer" added.

     All stock video clips are 10 seconds or longer, high resolution 1080p, H264 Max files, priced at $275 per clip.  Smaller versions (320x240) suitable for an internet application, are available for $60.  They can be downloaded directly from our galleries when you are ready.  Maine Imaging offers discounts for purchasing multiple video clips.  Please contact us for more information. 

     Maine Imaging sells "Royalty Free" stock photos, commercial downloads, and video footage.  When purchasing these products, you will have non exclusive, single user rights for use in multiple media projects.  Stock photos, commercial downloads, and video clips CAN NOT redistributed, repackaged, or resold in any form for use in any media clip or stock photograph or footage product, library, collection, or set of clips for distribution or resale.

Raw video clips of a "wedding at sea".  Casco Bay, Maine.  While this video is several clips edited together, it was unusual enough to add here.

A raw video clip of Boston at night. Shot from a helicopter using a two axis Kenyon Labs gyro, with a Canon 5DMIII camera and 24-105 lens attached.  This is the type of stock video clip we offer.