Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse video is the process of shooting several hundred, or even thousand, still images at a constant interval.  For example, one shot every 5 seconds. By using the time lapse technique, you can speed up an otherwise long process.  An hour of shooting might translate into 10 seconds of finished video!  Because each still is it's own image, it can be processed for any desired "look" or "feel" that you might want.  At present, we have 7 different cameras that can be used in creating a time lapse video., including 4 DSLR's and 3 GoPro's.  The GoPro camera is a wonderful tool, because you can stick one just about anywhere.  I've even attached one to the working end of a metal shear, attached to an excavator, while it was cutting large steel I-beams.  Take a look at these examples of time lapse video.

This is a time lapse video of the largest composite structure ever constructed, being lifted by four cranes working together, and placed on the top of the Navy's newest destroyer, the Zumwalt, at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine.

This is a time lapse video, shot over 3 days, during the installation of a pool cover for the Wiscasset Community Center in Wiscasset, Maine, by Alta Enterprises, of Alta Wyoming..

A time lapse video clip of a tanker, being escorted by a Portland Tugboat, through Portland Harbor.